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Welcome to the official online home of Gordo: The Teenage Flying Saucer, an all-ages Sci-Fi/Superhero comic book series chronicling the adventures of Gregorio “Gordo” Guerrero, a 13-year-old imbued with the amazing abilities of a Flying Saucer. With the help of his friends, CeeCee, a shapeshifting alien warrior, and Otto, an Artificial Intelligence of Extraterrestrial origin, Gordo dons a mask and uses his powers to serve as the protector of Stardust, his hometown, from terrestrial threats and cosmic chaos.

Created by Peter J Mellini, Miguel Acedo, and Valeria Ontiveros.

Coming Fall 2022

Gordo: The Teenage Flying Saucer lands on KICKSTARTER! With your help and support, this crowdfunding event will help bring the highly anticipated first story arc to print. The campaign will include a Special Edition of Gordo: The Teenage Flying Saucer #1, which was originally premiered at EAST LA CAPE 2019, and many more exclusives!

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Co-Creator / Writer:

Peter J Mellini

Pete Mellini is the definition of a Professional Geek. In the 90s, he discovered a love of comics with the Death of Superman and IMAGE Comics. In High school, he wrote comic strips and zines. In college, he studied Journalism (mainly to get on the newspaper and get his comic printed). Now, he’s the owner of Nostalgic books and Comics in San Gabriel, California and the co-founder / lead organizer of the East LA ComicBook Art and Pop-Culture Expo.  

Co-Creator / Writer:

Miguel Acedo

Miguel Angel Acedo, born and bred in East Los Angeles, is a lover of Visual Storytelling in all forms - Comics, Film and Television. His writing is featured in Horrorhouse, a self-published horror anthology inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. He is also a Screenwriting Lecturer at California State University, Los Angeles.


Valeria Ontiveros  

Los Angeles based illustrator Valeria Ontiveros is a graduate of the Art Institute of North Hollywood with a bachelors in Media Arts and Animation. She is the artist, co-creator and character designer of Gordo: The Teenage Flying Saucer, her first comic book work which premiered at the East LA CAPE 2019.


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